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Presented throughout the BeefEx program, ALFA's Recognition of Excellence Awards Program recognises business and individual excellence within the cattle feedlot sector.


ALFA is proud of the businesses and individuals that make up the sector who selflessly aspire to develop themselves and industry practices for the betterment of the sector.


ALFA’s Recognition of Excellence Awards Program is open to ALFA Members and/or their employees who demonstrate excellence and alignment with the core values of each Industry Award or Scholarship.

Lot Feeder of the year award logo

Australian Feedlot of the Year Competition

Striving for excellence in feedlot design and management.


The Australian Feedlot of the Year competition is an initiative of the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA). Since its inception in 1991, the competition has aimed to encourage continuous improvement within the feedlot industry and to recognise those feedlots that are operating their business at the forefront of the principles of the National Feedlot Assurance Scheme (NFAS).

The competition is open to all NFAS accredited feedlots, no matter if you’re small, medium or large, family run or a corporate operation – the competition is designed to find the very best of the best and to encourage continuous industry improvement.

ALFA Young Lot Feeder of the Year Award

This Award embodies passion, leadership, development and initiative.


The Award is designed to encourage emerging industry leaders to contribute their ideas and vision for lot feeding at a national level.

ALFA seeks and fosters qualities that empower participants to think outside the square, to be bold in their ideas and continuously develop and challenge their thinking about the Australian lot feeding industry and its future potential.


Young people who aspire to become future industry leaders are encouraged to apply for this prestigious industry award.

Proudly sponsored by Performance Feeds.


ALFA Community Heroes Award

Australian feedlots are vital to the fabric of rural and regional Australia by creating jobs, supporting families, and contributing to local economies and the environment.


This award recognises and rewards those feedlots that are actively nourishing their local communities and environment by going above and beyond to support their community, that ‘give-back’ and better the environment around them.

Proudly sponsored by Lallemand Animal Nutrition

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